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Form for faculty: Young Science Ambassadors;
Note to Faculty:
The Young Science Ambassadors program of the OEAD (see https://youngscience.at/de/angebote/young-science-botschafter/ for details) and supported by the Austrian government opens opportunities for our faculty to voluntarily visit school classes to tell students about their day-to-day research.

Annual Reports / Key Documents
Program Guides/Roadmaps

The following list study programs and course summaries represent the status-quo of October 2016, which were the last official submissions to the Austrian national accreditation authorities. Since then numerous changes have been made for multiple programs at both the graduate and undergraduate cycles.
Study Programs (12) / Roadmaps:
  1. Business Administration (BS) - Roadmap
  2. Business Administration (MBA) - Roadmap
  3. Management (BA) - Roadmap
  4. Management emph: Intl. Business (BA) - Roadmap
  5. Management emph: Marketing (BA) - Roadmap
  6. Finance (MSc) - Roadmap
  7. Marketing (MSc) - Roadmap
  8. International Relations (BA) - Roadmap
  9. International Relations (MA) - Roadmap
  10. Media Communication (BA) - Roadmap
  11. Psychology (BA) - Roadmap
  12. Psychology emph: Counseling Psychology (MA) - Roadmap
Course Summaries for:
  1. Business/Management: (UG) (Grad)
  2. internaitonal Relations: (UG) (Grad)
  3. Media/Communication(UG)
  4. Psychology:(UG)(Grad)